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" I am still learning. "
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Relax...The business will come to you 

In this paper I explore common myths about marketing to institutional investors, and their consultants and advisors,  and provide best practices for what actually works.

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9 Tips to Mastering Investment Management Clientese   9 Tips for effective communication in meetings and RFPs.

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Demystifying Factors  The key concept fueling interest in factors is the never-ending pursuit of greater transparency. In this paper, I have attempted take the ‘mystery’ out of factor based portfolio risk assessment and its corollary, factor based performance attribution.


The Value of Value in a Diversified Portfolio   Most large pools of assets pair Growth and Value strategies. Ideally, the value strategies will be meaningfully protective to help stabilize returns and avoid giving back most of the growth-fueled gains. This paper shows the surprising performance of a value benchmark during "crisis" periods for the S&P 500.


Is Your Index Fooling You? 

Far from being a stalwart representation of collective characteristics,  indices’ performance can drift over time, sometimes going as far as to deliver contrary performance characteristics.

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Marketing Tips: Using StyleADVISOR to Define Your Edge   In this webinar, I present tips and tricks to customize StyleADVISOR  graphics. Click here to email a request to view the webinar: ~30 minutes  Privacy Policy

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