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" If you are explaining, you are losing."
....Deborah George, frequently
Institutional Marketing

​You CAN have it all.

I put managers on the map. As your independent marketer, I create and execute a comprehensive, targeted marketing plan:

  • Arrange meetings

  • Design the presentation

  • Coach presenters

  • Client service

If you are going to get hired, Clients and Consultants need to know you, like you and trust you.


Strategy Launches
Presentation Design

Spread the word!


Messaging is critical to your firm's success.

  • Define your ‘edge’—the firm’s unique strength

  • Analyze the performance using your software

  • Design graphics, charts and tables to illustrate strengths


Then I “polish" your presenters:

  • Coach your team in both individual and team presentations

A firm has only one chance to capture a client’s attention with a story that resonates.

"Five, four, three, two, one..."


Ready to  launch a new strategy?


​We work with  developed managers and emerging managers, and we can work WITH your in-house or third party marketer to sharpen the messaging around new strategies.


A strategy launch includes:

  • Target the market

  • Design the presentation

  • Coach the presenters


A new strategy  will be accepted  more quickly if it is seen as a natural extension of your existing  capabilities.


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